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KloboMedia knows social media management is too important to leave to chance. We work with businesses and individuals to create winning social media strategies that deliver better engagement, brand awareness and audience growth. Let us create compelling content that aligns with your goals, then we’ll post in social media, respond to the comments and report back on the results! We specialize in working with businesses and personal brands who are already active in social media but are eager for better results.

10 things KloboMedia believes

Social media strategy should not be difficult to create or overwhelming to execute.

A crucial step to forming a social media strategy is identifying goals.

Social media platforms are not created equal. Don’t try to use them all.

Only sincere, unrehearsed conversation works as part of a smart social media strategy.

You can’t just talk about yourself. That’s boring at a party – and won’t get you far in the social space.

A brand’s employees are its most valuable ambassadors.

Content is king.

Social media demands strong visuals. People respond to posts with pictures and video.

Consistency is essential. Show up every day.

The audience expects opinion. Talk about your values, and you’ll earn respect and followers.


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Who We Are

Carol Fowler, CEO, KloboMedia


Carol Fowler, CEO

Carol Fowler is a senior content strategist and entrepreneur dedicated to great writing, impactful headlines, engaging social conversations and the best SEO practices.

Carol is nationally recognized with more than 20 years of broadcast and digital management experience and a proven track record in establishing and operating award-winning news operations and bringing them into the digital age. She’s based in Chicago, the third largest U.S. media market, having served in senior positions with four of the five top television stations, where her innovations have continued to reap benefits.

Carol’s current focus is her digital content company, KloboMedia, which she co-founded in 2014. The business helps brands succeed in social media by managing over-arching strategy and providing actionable tips through curated, competitive analysis. In 2015, under Carol’s direction, KloboMedia launched TheSocReports, a social media insights product to help personal brands gain followers and grow influence.

As a respected journalist with experience delivering news across all platforms, she has a reputation for managing content to identify the most compelling content, judging audience interest and providing appropriate context and delivery for optimum impact, whether to build audiences or effect social or political change.

Coverage under her direction has been responsible for some of the most significant social and political action in the Chicago market with ramifications nationally.  Her investigative team at WBBM-TV (CBS 2) showed how poor tracking of security badges posed a threat to homeland security and passengers at O’Hare International Airport in an award-winning 2007 series of groundbreaking reports that led to a federal investigation, arrests and hearings with lawmakers.  Carol was recognized in 2011 for her bold decision at FOX to air graphic video of the killing of a student – where the decision to air was as significant as the news, a move that won her and her news team the prestigious George Foster Peabody award.

Carol also served as an award-winning on-air reporter, covering the Illinois legislature for WCIA-TV in Champaign, IL, and WMBD-TV-AM in Peoria, IL, as well as serving as Springfield bureau chief (1982-1989).  In 1989, she earned first place (Market 50+) from United Press International for Reporting/Individual Achievement.  She began her broadcasting career as a radio news reporter for WOW-AM in Omaha, Nebraska.

Fowler graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelor of Journalism degree and a minor in political science.  She is an active member of Chicago’s leading tech incubator, 1871, and is currently an adjunct professor at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism on the subject of media innovation and Chicago’s start-up culture.

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Carol was a guest on the Tastytrade financial network in March, 2017: “Bootstrapping in America”

In January, 2016, Carol was the featured guest on the podcast, “Weather Brains Episode 520: Drop the Bomb and Leave .”

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David Klobucar, President, KloboMedia

David Klobucar, COO

David Klobucar understands and respects the power of visuals in social media, which have taken on increased importance as brands and individuals work to differentiate themselves and connect with others. A user is twice as likely to click on or share a post with a picture or video. So David strongly believes good visuals are key to an effective social strategy.

Prior to KloboMedia, David spent most of his career as a photojournalist at the Chicago Tribune working in a variety of roles including staff photographer and photo assignment editor. David’s work and leadership in the field of photography has been recognized by several leading organizations.

David also gives lessons to help people understand their digital cameras. In addition to working with private clients, David shares his passion for pictures with students at the Chicago Photography Center. He is also a past instructor at Chicago’s Harrington College of Design. (If you’d like to see some of David’s work, head over to

David and Carol met at the University of Missouri, where they studied journalism.

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Social Media Strategy and Daily Support

“What are your goals?”

  • Find out the best platforms to carry your message
  • We choose  and post the right content for your brand and audience
  • Learn the best times to post based on when your followers are active
  • We speak with the tone of voice that invites engagement
  • Learn how to leverage your staffers to lift the brand
  • We measure what matters so you can monetize

Follower Insights and Analytics

“Is your target audience engaging?”

  • Get a clear view of who is engaging with your social content
  • Adjust your messaging to attract the audience you want
  • Track the growth of followers and likes

Market Analysis

“Who are your competitors?”

  • Learn how the competition is using social media
  • Find out best practices in your industry
  • Identify gaps in coverage and areas of opportunity
  • For the first time, know when you are winning

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